Introducing... The Rolling Stones!

This brilliantly bejeweled Rock Box pays tribute to the everlasting impact The Rolling Stones left on rock and roll, inspiring an emboldened spirit of rebellion in their listeners. Thousands of crystals dazzle in cherry red, celebrating the striking and timeless Tongue logo. The Union Jack proudly shines on the back of the box, commemorating the Stones' British roots. Enameled by hand and finished in 14k gold, this vibrant, colorful piece combines playful pop symbolism with expert craftmanship to create a luxury modern heirloom piece that is sure to be cherished for years to come.

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The Tongue Logo

The iconic Tongue logo for The Rolling Stones was created in 1971. Mick Jagger originally wanted the logo to be based off Kali, the Hindu Goddess of Death. However, John Pasche, the designer hired by the Stones, thought that a logo of Kali would be dated quickly, and, rather, envisioned a simple and timeless design. Pasche decided to focus on the lips and tongue of Kali, creating the iconic logo seen today. The logo has been part of every official statement, music release, and poster since. While many variations have been created for different situations, all keep the same, iconic base of a mouth and tongue, and it is often considered the best band logo
in history.

The Rolling Stones

One of the most iconic and popular bands of the rock era, The Rolling Stones formed in 1962. Known as "the group that parents loved to hate," the Rolling Stones had a rebellious reputation, with long hair and a bad-boy presence. Being seen as the opposite of the Beatles and their good-boy attitude, the Rolling Stones also made huge strides in the development of the genre.

Their popularity grew at a rapid pace, and the Rolling Stones went on to dominate rock and roll. Having been active for the last 6 decades, amongst eight #1 singles, ten consecutive gold albums, and other notable awards and accomplishments, The Rolling Stones have won four Grammy awards for best blues album, best rock album, best music video, and lifetime achievement. Their popularity and presence continue today, and they were instrumental in creating the spirit behind the genre.