Rock & Rock

Each Rock box is made with 14k gold plating and over 1,000 hand-set crystals or "Rocks."


Timeless and iconic, the JStrongwater Rock Box collection is the union of elegance and wonder. The 14k gold plating and hand-enameling render unmatched craftsmanship on each box, while the over 1,000 "Rocks", a nod to the hand-set crystals, solidify the union of brilliant design and impeccable functionality.

Starting in the late 1940's, the rock and roll music genre emerged and would go on to transform the music industry and lives of young people everywhere.

While the rock era has roots in blues, R&B, and country, this stirring genre brought a whole new perception to music, appealing to the younger generation with more taboo lyrics, dress, and energy.

Rock Boxes

The rock era produced some of the best musicians of all time, that have had lasting effects on the music industry and people around the world. Three of these artists, The Beatles. The Rolling Stones, and Elton John, were named the top 3 artists of all time in Billboard's 125th Anniversary Issue. All three inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, these artists played an instrumental role in the development of rock and roll and music today.

Our Rock Boxes celebrate the legacy of these three artists, representing the iconic and timeless nature of each. The JStrongwater Rock Boxes aren't just standout adornments, but representations of the extraordinary people and stories behind them.